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Hi, I’m Jay.  I’m 27 and living the dream in the bay area of California working on audio software at Apple. I started this website to give my school and hobby projects an outlet to the web. It’s really just a collection of pages about various projects I’ve worked on since college, so there is everything from audio DSP to car restoration. I hope you enjoy some of it!


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  1. I am Interesting in your iOS MIDI over bluetooth idea. I work currently for my father at Magical Water fountains. It was easy enough to create apps that interact with the bluetooth (using arduino) with the Android and Windows. Apples iPod touch is a bit different. Due to a lot of limitations that iOS has vs the iMac… I am at a stand still with the bluetooth section. I am requesting if you supply me with information/requirements on how you were able to send midi over bluetooth.

  2. Hi,

    Your project is really inspiring and I followed the link below and build a similar bluetooth midi interface
    with Sparkfun RN-42 for android devices .


    Since the latency problem was covered a lot in your website
    and it’s also critical to my APP and hardware integration project, please let me know
    1.How those latency were measured ?
    2.Does Sparkfun RN42 provide lower latency than BLE SoC

    The link for my project is for your reference

    Thank you for your time and reply

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